Olympic Gold Medalist, Casey FitzRandolph
No Stone Unturned

Casey FitzRandolph Headshot Imagine what it would be like to actually see your own child win an Olympic gold medal? Now, picture the opposite emotions when your other child is diagnosed with breast cancer and ultimately loses her battle against the disease.

This book tells the story of the FitzRandolph family of Wisconsin. Casey FitzRandolph won a gold medal in speedskating at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. His sister, Jessi, was diagnosed less than a decade later, at age 33, with stage four breast cancer. This most All-American family, one that brought glory to the United States in the form of gold, then chose to leave the country in search of medical treatments for Jessi. Why? Where did they go and how did it work out? In a story that is gripping, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking, we follow the FitzRandolphs as they first start with traditional cancer protocol—a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation for Jessi FitzRandolph; then change their minds, heading to two foreign lands for treatments not available or approved in America. Told from the perspective of everyone involved we see the ups and downs of Jessi’s battle and the inner workings of a modern family dealing with two of the most extreme emotions human beings can endure— elation over Casey’s medal, followed by despair upon learning of Jessi’s diagnosis.

The book also tells of Casey and Jessi’s childhood when Jessi was considered “the next Bonnie Blair.” Why did she quit speedskating? What was it like to be “Casey’s sister?” and how was Casey motivated by extremely loving but highly competitive parents to reach the top of the world in his sport?

Casey FitzRandolph HeadshotThe FitzRandolphs open up their deepest emotions. They share journal entries, pictures and private moments, all in an effort to get the reader to understand their choices and to stop and think for themselves if they or a loved one should get cancer.

Author: Jessie Garcia, 20 years as a sportscaster at WISC (CBS) and WTMJ (NBC). Jessie hosted “The Mike Holmgren Show” and “The Mike McCarthy Show” and was the Green Bay Packers sideline reporter for nine seasons. She has won numerous awards for her work and is known and respected throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. Jessie covered three Super Bowls and countless other major sporting events. She has interviewed Olympic athletes for two decades and followed Casey FitzRandolph’s career from the time he was in high school. Her first book, “My Life with the Green and Gold: Tales from 20 Years of Sportscasting” was published by the Wisconsin Historical Society and released in 2013. Jessie has also written for “Packer Plus,” “The Hispanic Journal,” “Metro Parent” and “Shorewood Today.” She teaches broadcast journalism at Carroll University in Waukesha, WI and Mount Mary University in Wauwatosa, WI. Jessie is comfortable in front of large groups and on air and would give great promotion to the book. She has many media contacts in the Midwest and beyond.

The people profiled in the book are: Jessi FitzRandolph, who lost her battle with Stage IV breast cancer in March, 2014. During her battle with cancer she consistently defied her doctors prognosis's and explored alternative cancer protocols to prolong her life. Jessi is the kind of person who could be your sister, daughter or significant other. Ruthie FitzRandolph, Jessi and Casey’s mother, a nurse who spearheads the family change to alternative. Brought up to never question authority, especially that of a doctor, Ruthie has a complete change of heart and becomes disgusted with the American medical system. Jeff FitzRandolph, Jessi and Casey’s father. He retires early to help Jessi steer through the cancer maze. Jeff’s story will resonate with any father.

Casey FitzRandolph, Olympic gold medalist now watching helplessly as his athletic sister goes down a road no one could have imagined. He joins in the family battle to save his sister’s life. Jenn FitzRandolph, Casey’s wife, who lost her mother to brain cancer and does all she can to support Casey and her new sister-in-law. Cancer has affected all of us to some degree and alternative treatments are just starting to explode onto the scene. This book is at the cutting edge of that movement. The FitzRandolphs are pioneers in the new war against cancer. They give a face and a famous name to the most personal battle there is. Their story just might make you rethink cancer treatments in America. The narrative will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch it all unfold with them.

Author contact: (414) 254-8134 or jessie.garciamarble@gmail.com

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